No one should have to suffer with acne.

It doesn’t have to be a rite of passage to live with break-outs.  Acne is a medical condition of the skin. A multi-faceted approach is best when trying to tackle this problem.  Lasers are just one of the many tools we use to fight acne.


What treatments do you offer to help my acne?

A comprehensive acne assessment may be performed by our nurse practitioner, Seth McLaughlin. Treatment may include topical medications, oral medications, glycolic acid peels with extractions by our licensed Esthetician, or laser acne treatments. Treatment is always customized to your unique skin care needs. Simplify your home care with our Vi Derm Complete Care for Acne. It features glycolic, azelaic and salycilic acids; 10% vitamin C; retinol; green tea extract; coffee berry extract; and 5% benzoyl peroxide all in one product. People with more treatment resistant skin can be treated with Ultra A, an prescription strength 0.1% tretinoin (the same medicine found in Retin-A) with added ingredients such as redness reducing 10% Vitamin C and soothing Vitamin E.


What will I look like after my laser treatment?

After the laser procedure your skin may be slightly red and tender. The redness usually subsides in only a few hours. Following your laser treatment, you may return to normal activities.


How should I care for my skin after treatment?

After laser treatment, you should avoid rigorous scrubbing of the treated area. Cleanse the treated area gently. Be sure to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreens during the course of your treatment.


Should I continue using my other acne creams and pills during the laser treatment?

You should discuss this directly with your practitioners. Only your practitioner can determine if the combination of other procedures is warranted.


How many times do I have to return for treatment?

In most cases, four to six treatments may be required for best results. Practitioners usually like to separate treatments by three to five weeks.  Everyone is different.  A treatment plan will be designed especially for you.  See Acne Before and After on Photo Page.