What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are soft gels composed of hyaluronic acid. Our bodies naturally contain hyaluronic acid. Levels may drop as we age causing skin to look thinner, drier, and with less volume.

We carry a wide variety of dermal fillers:

Juvederm – Great for around the mouth for up to a year.

Voluma – Restores youthful volume to the cheekbones. Lasts for two years!

Volbella – This thin filler gives natural looking volume to lips.

Restylane Lyft – Great for cheekbone restoration. Lasts for a year.

Restylane Silk – This thin filler adds great natural looking volume to lips.

Defyne – This filler has a low affinity for water, making it give volume without puffiness.

What are biostimulators?

While hyaluronic acid fillers change your shape, you may also benefit from collagen stimulation. We provide both Sculptra and Radiesse. These products stimulate your body to produce collagen, making skin thicker, smoother, and tighter.


In addition to cosmetic use, Sculptra and Radiesse are both indicated for the severe volume loss seen in people with HIV. We participate in the patient access program to bring this treatment to HIV affected individuals for only a nominal fee.